Project Photos

My Project Photos – many more to be added (RBS, Kodak, Du Pont)

COLT Inzai 2 – Side view

COLT Inzai 2 – Frontal

COLT Inzai 2 – Data Hall from perforation

COLT Inzai 2 – corridor linking to Inzai 1

COLT Inzai 2 – Interior lighting design

COLT Inzai 2 – Seismic isolation systems
COLT Inzai 1- at twilight
COLT Inzai 1- Data Hall pre lease.

COLT Inzai 1- Mission critical equipment

COLT Inzai 1- Traditional Japanese garden
COLT Inzai 2 – Break area with view of Japanese garden

COLT Inzai 1- My project staff (A great team)

COLT Inzai 1- 6MVA Gas Turbine gensets
Aozora Fuchu Data centre office interior
General staff office
Teleconf single person quiet room

Aozora Fuchu – Network Operating centre pre-fitout
Aozora Fuchu – Conference room No. 12
Experimental Lab from outside