Imtiaz Issadeen – profile

Joining SKYY Development in Tokyo, in May 2018, has given me the opportunity to Design and oversee the construction of multiple Data Centres simultaneously.  I now have a team working for me and currently we have four DCs ongoing.  Each 18MW IT capacity and 1000m2 x 6 DC Hall. All better than Uptime Tier 3.
Having successfully completed major projects for companies such as DuPont, Amazon, Hitachi, Royal Bank of Scotland, Aozora Bank (Cerbus), Kodak, Fidelity Group and others, I have had the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field of Construction, which is second to none. My projects commenced in the early 80’s with R&D facilities but very soon moved into the complex field of Data Centers.
“Issadeen san is without a doubt the leading figure in the Data Centre field in Japan today” – GRIX Conference organiser introduction
Being technically bilingual (Japanese/English), my projects in Japan have not been subject to the “Lost in Translation” phenomena. This major impediment to proper Project Management in Japan has not affected me in any of my projects.
I prefer to run my projects in Japanese and my meetings too are done in Japanese which greatly enhances the working environment for the site engineers and architects.
In this cost sensitive environment, being able to negotiate with contractors and manufacturers is a skill that comes from many years of experience. A reputation for being tough but fair does have its advantages. In my projects I have achieved excellent prices and TCOs, always below the estimates from the designers and quantity surveyors.
I have been invited to be a guest speaker at Data Centre specific conferences in Japan. Speaking in Japanese to a very receptive audience is in itself a rewarding experience.
From 2013 for three years, I have been included in the UPTIME Institute Panel of distinguished judges for the Ken Brill Awards.
What I plan to do after completing my current ongoing four DCs.
In 2023 I would have passed the retirement age and I plan to head back home to Sydney Australia.
I am planning to use my vast experience in DC projects and offer my services as a Data Centre Auditor, working on contract.