Major M&E equipment experience includes:
Seismic isolation systems
30MVA 66kV Super High voltage transformers
Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)
Multiple 6600V VCBs.
6000kVA Gas Turbine Generators
4500kVA Gas Turbine Generators
800,000 litre fuel tanks and pumping systems
UPS for IT and Mechanical load (2N, N+BR etc)
Inverter control systems (VFD)
Liebert Type 2 STS units
1200 US RT Centrifugal Chillers & Cooling towers
DX Cooling systems and CRAHs
Clean Agent Gas fire suppression.
Bio metric security systems and CCTV.
Power Quality Meters and related software
BMS & EMS systems.
and most other equipment in a high quality DC.

In all cases, I have installed multiples of these equipment in the 6 Data Centres I have Project Managed in Japan