Research Centres

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1982-1985 DuPont Japan Technical Centre, Kohoku, Yokohama, Japan. 28,000m2 facility housing over 25 laboratories for research in Japan on DuPont products. This R&D centre was fitted out with a 250 seat auditorium which had Interpreting facilities, large scale video projection and precious metal vaults. Currently (2020) this building is owned by Shiseido Cosmetics and used as their Research Centre for Tokyo.

1985-1988 Kodak Japan Research and Development Centre. This 24,000m2 facility was also built in Kohoku, Yokohama. This was the main R&D centre for Asia for Eastman Kodak. It had numerous Chemical Laboratories, a 680m2 Class One Clean room (The largest in Asia at that time), test production facilities for digital imaging and many other complex labs. This facility also housed a Super Computer with a fully fitted out data centre. This was the second data centre ever to be built in Japan. And I was very lucky to have been at the forefront of the design and construction.