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"Data Center planning and construction from concept to completion
with experience in Uptime Institute Tier 4 DC design requirements"

Having sucessfully completed major projects for companies such as DuPont, Amazon, Hitachi, Royal Bank of Scotland, Aozora Bank (Cerbus), Kodak, Fidelity Group and others, I have had the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field of Construction, which is second to none. My projects commenced in the early 80's with R&D facilities but very soon moved into the complex field of Data Centers.

This is a very specialized field that requires a wide spectrum of knowledge in every aspects of construction, electrical and mechanical engineering, fire life safety, security and energy monitoring. More so in Japan where stringent Construction and Fire codes vary vastly to those of most other countries.

Statutory control over major equipment is very evident with the government approving the main transformers, the generators, fire suppression systems, fire-life safety systems and many other factors that make up a complex building such as a Data Center. Dealing with statutory authorities is not easy for even the professional design teams, a non Japanese speaker would find it impossible to obtain an appointment with the right level of people in a government department.

"Issadeen san is without a doubt the leading figure in the Data Center field in Japan today"
GRIX Conference organiser introduction

The frequency of earthquakes is another factor that requires a sound local knowledge of what can be done during the design stage to protect the building from a catastrophic tremor. Aiming for the lowest possible Probability of Maximum Loss (PML) is essential as it will not just save the building, it will also provide the users with a much lower insurance premium for their valuable data and servers. The lowest PML that I have achieved is 2.6%, or about 3 times less than the average for Data Centers in Japan. This is now considered to be one of the safest building in all of Japan.

The Great Tohoku earthquake near Fukushima on March 11th 2011 caused a tremor of 9 on the Japanese scale at the epicenter.
The Inzai Data Center that was completed in January 27th 2011 lived up to it's design parameters and did not suffer even a single crack.
The displacement was measured as being over 80mm and a force of 248 Gal was recorded at the foundation of the building.

* Strong electrical and mechanical engineering background
* Proven knowledge of data center facility best practices including energy efficiency methods.
* Experienced in Contracting, design, finance and complex project management.
* Strong analytical skills and an ideal mentor to others.
* Experience with data center mission critical facilities with 3000+ racks at 10kW per rack.
* Experience with the creation, execution, and management of 3rd party vendor and consulting contracts.
* Solid experience in management of complex Data Centre projects including contractual and budgetary issues.
* Logical understanding of data center processes and end to end IT infrastructure architecture.

Being technically bilingual (Japanese/English), my projects in Japan have not been subject to the "Lost in Translation" phenomena. This major impediment to proper Project Management in Japan has not affected me in any of my projects. I prefer to run my projects in Japanese and my meetings too are done in Japanese which greatly enhances the working environment for the site engineers and architects.

In this cost conscious environment, being able to negotiate with contractors and manufacturers is a skill that comes from many years of experience. A reputation for being tough but fair does have its advantages. In all my projects I have achieved excellent prices, always below the estimates from the designers and quantity surveyors.

CO2 emissions is now a global issue, being able to head a team that will design a Data Center with the lowest possible PUE needs a person who can think outside the box, share ideas with Japan's best engineers and offer an unbeatable PUE as an end result. My lowest PUE in Tokyo is 1.38.

I enjoy working in the constantly changing Data Center environment, the buzz of a large construction project, the challenges and issue I have to solve and dealing with people of all trades and skills.

Of late I have been invited to be a guest speaker at Data Center specific conferences in Japan. Speaking in Japanese to an very receptive audience is in itself a rewarding experience.

From 2013 I have been included in the UPTIME Institute Panel of distinguished judges for the Brill Awards.

Current projects underway in Asia :
Planning and Design for the Second Data Center in Inzai;
Site evaluations and Due Diligence for proposed Data Centers in both Hong Kong and Singapore.

Hobbies: Collecting mechanical watches, Ballroom dancing and photography
Social work: For the past 14 years, as a volunteer, single handedly maintains the largest ever Sri Lankan Community website. (

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